Week 10; Simile

It was dark, quite 6 o’clock in the morning when I took the bus. I was so exhausted that my walks looked like those of prisoners. The door of the bus opened, and the air was so lukewarm and arid like dry sand, making me feel even more miserable. Then, out of nowhere, I felt a shimmering sunshine falling on me like a cascade, which shined like a tiny gem. Then I regained my will; it was like a reincarnation.


Week9: Sources

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Week 9 Oyster

When he first saw the boat and M. Saint-jours, he must have thought that this isn’t a comfortable one, as he thought that this boat is small, and that M. Saint-Jours seems to have had a enduring job there. Also waiting there wasn’t an intriguing thing, either! However when he finished this trip, he changed. Now he felt strong, brave, and pride, thinking how challenging he is.

No. 4
He meant that the taste of oyster was something that he never tried before, and I might say that he had foreseen what his life is going to be like, the whole life as a chef, trying other foods that he has never tasted before.

Week 6 Thesis Statement

The education policies in Korea and France, both of them need to compensate their defects by learning from each other. Education is very important because it affects the human behaviors and determines overall social atmosphere, but neither of them is perfect; each has not only its own strengths but also own weaknesses too. Also I believe that the situation of Korea can suggest an answer to France and vice versa.

For the details, first of all I should state the educational policies that Korea or France adopt.

Then I will have to refer to the behaviorial differences of each country occured by education. For example, Koreans are tend to listen to others while French people are more apt to discuss, because that’s how they’ve taken classes. Also Koreans are often very obedient and enduring, while Frenchs are more liberal and sometimes a little bit thoughtless for others, because Korean learns to live a group life, while French students learn assert their rights.

As the strength of each country are, for the Korea, I’d like to state that Koreans can learn omnifariously, as we take various studies. On the other hand, French students don’t have to, so somehow Korean students show much higher academic standards. However when it comes to creativity, French students are much stronger than Korean students.

At some point, I’d like to say that Korea and France is in the opposit position. That’s why I can say each can learn from the other. For the last part I’m going to suggest some solutions how to improve the educational situations.

Week 5 Research Question

While I’m studying different languages, I can’t help noticing that there are tons of differences according to its region, especially cultural ones.

In this point of view, what I’m going to ask is, ‘how education affects human behaviors’. This time, I’d like to explain those differences by taking a deeper look into educational backgrounds. To make a comparison, I’ll take two examples, Korea and France, then compare the educational situations as causes and cultural or behavioral differences – not only weaknesses but also strengths, as results. And for the conclusion, I will not finish it by saying like, ‘so Korean education should change, by following one of France’ because I think neither ones is perfect, but instead, I would be able to say, ‘we can refer to each other to compensate the defects that we have’.

Therefore, what I should find first is the current school systems which are taken in these two countries, followed by remarkable behavioral differences that people show. Then there I will have to relate these factors and figure out how exactly the system affected. To conclude I will pose a question, ‘what can we learn from the other’. And I am sure that there are not only plenty of strengths that we can learn, but also some advantages that we can teach.

Week 5 Review

Unlike applied science, pure science is something that happens naturally in this world like physics, chemistry, etc., and applied science normally concerns human action to make it happen, like computer, or even like an education field.

Fine arts do mean ‘art’ that we can think of. Humanity, is more than a human-related studies including linguistics, history, etc.

Week 4, Research Topic

Have you ever played a computer game called ‘Starcraft’? If so, you must be aware of the importance of a unit named, ‘observer’. Then you can imagine how important it would be in modern strategies, to have a safe and precise surveillance system. Surprisingly enough, there are these aircraft like an observer, although they cannot cloak themselves like their little friend does. And they’re called AWACS, which stands for ‘Airborne Warning and Control System’.

They are made by reforming civil aircrafts like Boeing737. Adding radar system and building a network between radar bases on the ground, these airplanes can perform an air surveillance task. To fly for a long time, they’re usually non-armed, so by flying higher than any other fighters they can less the threat of shooting down. Having AWACS brings some strategical advantage to South Korea over the North. In fact Korea possesses four AWACS now and plans to increase the number to 6 until 2016.

To begin with, this expands the coverage range of radar in Korea. Although our country runs a lot of radars, there always are missing holes, because of maintaining or black-out problems. Therefore an AWACS can be used to fill this crack. Also, depend on the region they’re flying, this coverage can be widened up to half of North Korea or even more. This means that South Korea can earn more time to prepare for action against the enemy flights.

Also, it can not only enlarge the coverage, but also reinforce it. Because 70% of Korean peninsular is consisted of mountains, it is hard to find an aircraft under certain altitude, especially when this plane is flying in a valley. That’s because ground radars have minimum altitude, limiting their searching ability. However by surveilling up in the sky, this weakness is overcome. Thanks to this feature Republic or Korea can stay much safer.

Last but not least, the AWACS is a headquarter when practicing an air campaign. It provides instant yet precise situational analyses and tells apart the allies from the enemies, it can swiftly order allies to take appropriate actions they need. In reality the AWACS that South Korea has played this important role in a ROK-US combined training operation last year and proved that Korea is capable of this high demanding technique. These features are making AWACSs more indispensable in modern military campaign, especially in Korea which considered as a country of ceasefire.