About Byeongwoong CHO, a Wannabe – CULTURAL BRIDGE


Hello! I’m Byeongwoong Cho, or Victor Cho from Suwon, South Korea.
I’m a former local piano concour winner, and a Lang-geek, who loves to learn different kinds of languages,  also a quint-lingual speaker, speaking Korean, English, Japanese, French, and a little bit of Chinese.

I’m studied all those languages, because it’s my big pleasure to talk with someone who’s from a whole another culture and share the difference of our lives. Therefore, learning languages is not only for an academic purpose but also is a cultural exposure for me. There was one time, I was with 3 other guys from 3 different countries, one was from China, another one was from Japan, and the other one was a Korean. Although we were from similar region, we all had to go through lots of cultural differences. That’s when I stepped up, then I explained those things. Those memories made me feel proud of myself.

Being a cultural tutor of them helped me to make my mind to want to work in a field of sharing culture, especially the field of Translation & Interpretation. Erik Orsenna, a novelist/translator, wrote in his novel “DEUX ETES”, a translator is like a boatman who lets people cross a river of language, and I totally agree with that. I’m getting ready for that right now, and I’m so sure that I will be a cultural boatman one day.   🙂


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