Week15; Brain on Music

Learning how to play musical instruments, helps children to improve not only their musical ability, but also their capacity of learning. In LA, there is an after school music program called Harmony Project. The high school students participated in it and then they showed much less drop out rate than any other school students. Also, this program helps the less fortunate families by providing the chance of learning and a safe shelter for the kids after the class dismissed.

The brainwaves, which are firing offs of electrical pulses made by neurons to talk is made whenever we take a new information like a new sound or stimulation. By a Kraus’ team’s research, the team found that the mechanism of speech and music is not different neurologically. And that’s why the kids from poverty could not make a good speech, because they are in lack of stimulation. And also by the research, kids in poverty simply had a hard time to tell the difference between similar sounds, because the brainwaves of them were blurred. But after some years of music lessons, the team could find out that things are getting better, which means less blurred.

Music connects with education. It improves pitch, timing, and timbre for infants. It affects language develepment , too. In school life, not only a music class, but also math are related to music. It also helps concentration. When nervous, you can use music or instruments to relax your mind.


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