Week14; Famous Voice

This speech was made on September 3rd by King George VI, in 1939. This year, this day has a significant meaning for Great Britain, because this day the U.K. announced war against German troop. Before this speech U.K. had been reluctant about being part of the war and wanted a passive way to bring peace in the world. He found that this idea was wrong and decided to participate in World War 2. In this context, the speaker, King George VI, had made this speech to urge the entire public to strengthen the unity. He was speaking at a slow pace and sentences were cut in multiple pieces, but certainly he is trying to give the strong message here, using firm voice and imposing emphasis on certain words. In fact it is a well-known factor that King George VI had a phobia of microphone that he stuttered in front of the public whenever he made speech. Finally he tried hard to fix it with a special speech teacher named Lionel Logue. This speech inspired lots of people and gave them the will to fight over Nazi. It makes me feel even more moved as he tried to fight over his defect.
In this situation, if it were in Korea and we were to announce war against North Korea, how would it go? It might be more focused on slandering the opposite and more aggressive. Also I am not sure whether we will let someone stutter make this important speech. This person would’nt be even chosen to be a representative of Korea.


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