Week12; Bangkok with A friend from Phakistan

The daily gestures are quite divergent from country to country. This is the story of my partner’s, when she was in her 6th grade in an international school in Bangkok, Thailand. There she met a friend from Pakistan. She was a year younger, and she had long sienna colored hair. She was very slender with ample eyes, and she spoke in a kind of squeaky voice, which made her even more adorable. They were two little close friends, and they always talked to each other. One day they were having an amicable conversation. Then, out of nowhere, the Pakistan friend pat her on the cheek. It was all of a sudden, and she said that she had felt disgraced, insulted and confused. Even she couldn’t decide how to react to that; in Korea that’s not a polite action.

So she didn’t talk to her like for 3 days. Later, she said honestly about what she had felt to the Pakistan friend. She got startled too, because she had never thought that her trivial action would mean something to others. She didn’t do that in purpose. This kind of thing always happens when we meet people from other countries. That’s what she learned from this experience, not just she – my partner, but the “SHE” – the friend from Pakistan! She said that there she learned the importance of the cultural backgrounds, and there are also lots of proper “NOT TO DO” lists when we encounter people from divers nationalities. For me, the same thing applies. However, I’d prefer to speak in time, not dragging time, losing time. If so, there would’ve been much more thing that she could’ve learned from her friend. Because it’s always intriguing to learn about the different cultutal backgrounds!


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