Week 11; Introduction

So, let’s think about your school life. Did you love it? As an elementary student, what was your best experience? Or have you ever wondered about what would’ve happened if you have studied abroad in your early years? There must have been major differences in your behaviors or in your lifestyle, that’s for sure. In this world, education is the engine of each society; it’s the power to make it run. The more power it has, the farther we can move. Every country has its own engine. However is anyone of them perfect? The answer should be “NO”; nothing can be perfect in this world. Especially today I’d like to make a comparison between the education policies of Korea, and that of France. The education policies in Korea and France, both of them need to compensate their defects by learning from each other. Education is very important because it affects the human behaviors and determines overall social atmosphere, but neither of them is perfect; each has not only its own strengths but also own weaknesses too. Also I believe that the situation of Korea can suggest an answer to France and France can also learn a lot from Korea.


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