Week 6 Thesis Statement

The education policies in Korea and France, both of them need to compensate their defects by learning from each other. Education is very important because it affects the human behaviors and determines overall social atmosphere, but neither of them is perfect; each has not only its own strengths but also own weaknesses too. Also I believe that the situation of Korea can suggest an answer to France and vice versa.

For the details, first of all I should state the educational policies that Korea or France adopt.

Then I will have to refer to the behaviorial differences of each country occured by education. For example, Koreans are tend to listen to others while French people are more apt to discuss, because that’s how they’ve taken classes. Also Koreans are often very obedient and enduring, while Frenchs are more liberal and sometimes a little bit thoughtless for others, because Korean learns to live a group life, while French students learn assert their rights.

As the strength of each country are, for the Korea, I’d like to state that Koreans can learn omnifariously, as we take various studies. On the other hand, French students don’t have to, so somehow Korean students show much higher academic standards. However when it comes to creativity, French students are much stronger than Korean students.

At some point, I’d like to say that Korea and France is in the opposit position. That’s why I can say each can learn from the other. For the last part I’m going to suggest some solutions how to improve the educational situations.


One thought on “Week 6 Thesis Statement

  1. Hello, I’m Seongmi! I enjoyed your post and I think I it’s such a nice topic. Specifically, Korean education has lots of problem and we have to solve one day. However, have you ever considered the concert thesis statement, supporting ideas, and details? I think then you can easily complete your essay. Thank you.


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