Week 5 Research Question

While I’m studying different languages, I can’t help noticing that there are tons of differences according to its region, especially cultural ones.

In this point of view, what I’m going to ask is, ‘how education affects human behaviors’. This time, I’d like to explain those differences by taking a deeper look into educational backgrounds. To make a comparison, I’ll take two examples, Korea and France, then compare the educational situations as causes and cultural or behavioral differences – not only weaknesses but also strengths, as results. And for the conclusion, I will not finish it by saying like, ‘so Korean education should change, by following one of France’ because I think neither ones is perfect, but instead, I would be able to say, ‘we can refer to each other to compensate the defects that we have’.

Therefore, what I should find first is the current school systems which are taken in these two countries, followed by remarkable behavioral differences that people show. Then there I will have to relate these factors and figure out how exactly the system affected. To conclude I will pose a question, ‘what can we learn from the other’. And I am sure that there are not only plenty of strengths that we can learn, but also some advantages that we can teach.


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