Week1 Routine

For me, it takes about 2 hours to go to school. It’s a very long and enduring task. In fact, if it were not for the alarming function, I may not be able to be on time for the early morning classes. These days, thanks to the internet, it’s easy to check when a right bus comes or to look for an itinerary for subway. I can leave for at the right time, without waiting for a long time. When I get to the subway station, lucky enough as I’m living near the garage of the 1st line of subway, there always are plenty of seats to rest on. After I have seat, the very first thing to do is to set an alarm, making myself wake up in about one and a half hour, then I fall asleep. The alarm goes off, then it’s the time that I really should wake up. If don’t, I surely will pass by the station and going to have to come back all the way along. There were some times that I “accidentally” couldn’t hear the alarm and overslept, then things got really out of order. Every morning, the phone alarm is a real necessity.

While I’m waiting for my classes, I always listen to the music with my MP3 player. I love music very much and bringing all the MP3 files is never going to be possible, so sometimes internet music is a very useful choice. Although it will cost me a little bit of money, it’s totally worth it. I can’t imagine what it’s going to be like if I can’t listen to them.

When I get back home, then it’s time to bring out my laptop. It becomes a radio station, and I listen to the radio everyday while I’m doing my work, and from time to time I send some messages through Internet or cellphone, but it’s very rare that they read my story.

However, even though technology keeps making an amazing progress, there are some things that I still like to do in traditional analog way. One is to check time. I’m quite sure that digital watches are much more accurate than analog ones, but I still have to wear my watch to check time all day. The other one is, I hope that everyone has same idea as mine, reading a book. E-book is a very useful and hightech way of reading novels, but just because I can’t hear and feel the paper, I still prefer the paperbooks. Maybe it’s a nostalgic feeling for a time when everything was so much simpler and easier.


One thought on “Week1 Routine

  1. Hello I am Seongmi from your class. It was delightful to read your post. Yours is really readable and fun to read but still constructive. I can imagine your daily routine very well. It was very nice. And I also agree with your ideas. But have you ever considered to describe more about technologies? It would be better to apply it 🙂


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